Too Many Days in May Overall

Draft Guidelines

Version 0.2 - May 2017

The Overall Champion of the Too Many Days in May disc golf festival will be the person accumulating the most points during the events listed below, scored according to the methodology set out below. These events will only occur during the Too Many Days in May festival.

Current list of events contributing points toward the overall standings:

2017 Too Many Days in May Overall Event List

Event Name

Number of Spots

Awarded Points

A Couple Days in May (B-Tier Amateur only)


Cannon Ridge Open (C-Tier Pro/Am)


Sunnyside Championship (C-Tier Pro/Am)


Loriella Open (C-Tier Pro/Am)


Darkside Championship (C-Tier Pro/Am)


Two Days in May (A-Tier Pro only)


Survival Golf


Putting Circus


Mini Golf


Blindfolded Tiki


Tiki Madness


Points distribution per event:

In general, points will be distributed in each event in a manner that is consistent with the technique of a normal tournament payout. Each spot within the allotted number of awarded spots will be paid starting with the winner receiving an amount of points totaling the maximum of the number of available spots (ie - if there are 20 spots available the winner will receive 20 points.) Each successive spot will receive one less. In the event of ties, the points will be summed across those tied and divided equally among them (ie - if in our 20 spot event there is a 3-way tie for 2nd place, each will receive 18 points - (19+18+17)/3.)

For team events (Blindfolded Tiki this year) each team is considered 1 spot and each team member gets the total awarded to that spot.

In the event of a tie for the highest overall score, all of those tied will be declared Winner.

There is no monetary award for winning the competition for Overall Champion.

First-time winners are awarded the “Much Heralded” Orange Jacket. This jacket will be adorned with the the Blockhouse official seal and an “Overall Champion” insignia which will include the year.

Multi-year winners will be awarded an “Overall Champion” insignia which will include the year.

As of the writing of this document the official Blockhouse seal and “Overall Champion” insignia are works in progress. As soon as practical these items will be presented to the current and previous champions.

These guidelines represent the current state of the events and points distribution for the competition for Overall Champion of the Too Many Days in May festival. These guidelines will be reviewed periodically and any adjustments and/or amendments will be reflected as new versions of this document. If you wish to constructively participate in the evolution of this competition please email your comments to