Survival 2018 Schedule

Times for Qualifier rounds are a range and are tentative. Rounds will start no sooner than the earliest time listed. There must be 10 entrants to begin the round before the second time listed. If there aren’t at least 9 entrants by the second time listed, the round will be canceled/postponed at the discretion of the TD. In the case of canceled/postponed qualifiers, we will attempt to reschedule so that all 10 Qualifiers are played. Once the field is full, a 15 minute warning will be issued before play is started (pay attention).


        3:00-7:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD


        5:30-7:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD


        3:00-7:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD

        9:00-11:00                Sunnyside holes 10-18+9; Layout TBD


        3:00-7:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD

        6:00                        Women Only, Sunnyside holes  1-18+9; Layout TBD

        9:00-11:00                Sunnyside holes 10-18+9; Layout TBD


        10:00-12:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD

        12:00-2:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD

        2:00-3:00                Sunnyside holes 1-9; Layout TBD


Friday 5:00                 Sunnyside holes 1-18+9; Layout TBD (Hard)

Survival 2018

How Survival golf works:

All players play together in one large group. Tee-off order is determined in advance and stays the same throughout the round regardless of scores. For speed of play, players leave their discs in the basket until all players complete the hole. One player is eliminated after each hole.

Usually, the worst score on each hole is eliminated except when an ace occurs. In event of a tie for the worst score, a CTP shot will be chosen by A) the TD, B) other non-playing official, C) another player not in the tiebreaker. The one player furthest from the pin is eliminated. If discs are declared too close to call, a redo will be declared and only those players will replay from the same spot to determine which of them is eliminated.

If a player aces the hole, the first player to ace the hole chooses the player to be eliminated from among all players that did not also ace the hole.

The round cannot be won on a CTP, the top 2 players play on. Ties after hole 9 will be settled with sudden death Tiki beginning on hole 1.

Spectators are welcome and heckling is strongly ENCOURAGED.

How the Survival Tournament works: 

9 Qualifier rounds plus Women Only (see below). 7 daytime Qualifier rounds of 10+1 players playing Sunnyside holes 1-9. 2 Glow Qualifier rounds of 11+1 players playing Sunnyside holes 10-18+9. The +1 spot is only available if the round is full prior to the scheduled start time and will be auctioned to the highest bidder at the start hole at tee time. Top 2 players qualify for the Finals. 3rd place finishers will constitute the waiting list (in order of playing, ie. Monday’s 3rd is 1st on the list, Tuesday’s 2nd, etc.) in the event that a qualifier is canceled or the no show of a qualifying player for the Finals. Tee-off order is determined randomly, except that the +1 player goes first. When a +1 player is present, the final 2 players go from hole 9 to sudden death tiki.


The Finals will consist of 20 Players and will start promptly at 5:00pm Friday. All players in the Finals get PAID. Players on the waiting list must be present at the commencement of the finals to be eligible, NO announcement will be made in advance. Tee-off order is determined by the place and order of qualifying (1st place of the first qualifier is last on the tee, 2nd place of the last qualifier is first on the tee after any waitlist players).

Women Only Event: 

This is a hybrid one and done / qualifier. The top half of the field (rounded down) will get paid. If there are 10+ participants, the top 2 finishers will qualify to play in the Open Final on Friday afternoon. Only the winner will qualify if the field is less than 10.