The Blockhouse Hole #16


The Blockhouse Disc Golf and Country Club regrettably announces that we will be closed until further notice.

During this closure there will be NO DISC GOLF or camping. This includes casual play and organized events (Too Many Days In May, Friday Night Glow, monthlies, etc.). The baskets will be pulled and stored.

As you can imagine a lot of resources and hard work are put into maintaining two professional disc golf courses, a Tiki course and all the amenities that everyone enjoys. However, various happenings over the last few years have incited us to reexamine the current conditions, goals, and expectations of The Blockhouse.

We have been hosting this party selflessly for nearly 20 years - only asking that everyone enjoys themselves and respects one another and all that is The Blockhouse. It has been a wonderful party but the party has begun to grow larger than the current infrastructure can handle and, like all parties, this one must end at some point. It is time to turn on the lights, send everyone home, and clean up a bit.

We realize this place has become a refuge for many of you. It is a place to come relax, laugh, sing, and play with your disc golf family while the outside world rolls along. We love providing such a refuge, however, in order to continue doing so, a much-needed metamorphosis must occur for The Blockhouse to keep on truckin’.

This is by no means the end. It is merely a respite and a chance to attain the dreams we have for The Blockhouse. We will be back and better than ever.


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